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    Wristwatch Review: Oniss "Meca" Stainless Steel & Leather Sport Watch

    This is a review of the Oniss “Meca” Stainless Steel & Leather Sport Watch that I received due to my membership in Watchgang.  It’s a bold watch design with an interesting style that some folks like and some don’t.  The watch features a Japanese quartz movement. Oniss “Meca” Watch Design The design of the Oniss “Meca” watch features large readable

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    Wristwatch Review: Buech & Boilat Thresher Diver-style Watch

    Watch styles come and go, but one style remains a constant:  the diver-style watch.  As part of my WatchGang membership, I recently received a new one from Buech & Boilat.  It’s called the Thresher.  Mine came with a light green bezel and a dark green face.  While almost no one has ever heard of Buech & Boilet, the brand brings

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    Wristwatch Review: PureDial Square Legacy Watch

    This is my new PUREDIAL: The Square Legacy Watch.  I received it last month as part of my membership in WatchGang.  It’s the first watch that I received as part of WatchGang.  It’s actually quite a nice dress watch.  But, it’s curved face and case makes it difficult to photograph. PUREDIAL The Square Legacy Watch Who is PUREDIAL? PUREDIAL is

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    Watch Review: Timex Expedition Scout Metal Watch with Leather Strap

    A Military Inspired Watch from Timex I recently received this military-style Timex Expedition Scout watch (Model TK49963) as a Christmas gift.  It offers the simple masculine looks of a military field watch. Timex Expedition Scout Watch Features With a cream dial, large black numbers, and Indiglo backlighting, the Timex Expedition Scout is a wonderfully readable timepiece.  The dial has the

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    Star Wars Stocking Stuffer Watches

    The key to giving a watch as a little extra stocking stuffer is to choose a watch that will be fun for the recipient.  The world is awash in inexpensive watches that celebrate sports teams, superheroes, and movies.  For example, kids aged 6 to 60 might find a Batman watch or a Star Wars watch a lot of fun.   I

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