Elgin Oyster-Style Womens Watch

This is a blog about men’s watches.  So, women’s watches rarely see the light of day here.  Nevertheless, I did run across an interesting women’s watch at a thrift store.  Here is an Elgin Oyster-style women’s watch.  I saw it in a north Georgia thrift store priced at $15.
Vintage Elgin Ladies Watch
At first, I thought it might be valuable, but a quick internet search revealed that it wasn’t from the venerable watchmaker’s better days.  By the seventies and eighties, the Elgin name had been sold off to the purveyors of Asian-sourced watches.
Back of Vintage Elgin Ladies watch
Nevertheless, this Elgin is a nice looking watch.  I like the “cyclops” magnifier over the date.  With a new battery, a watch like this might serve someone’s mother, wife, or girlfriend well. If you can’t find one in a thrift store, similar watches are still available today under the Elgin name.
Of course, if you’d like a manly version, check out this Rolex Datejust II:


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