Watches for the Move

This blog isn’t moving, but we are.  It’s time to pack up and physically move across town.  Our current county government decided to give a local sports team about half a billion dollars to build a stadium near our current apartment.  Since we have no desire to add game traffic to our commuting woes, we’re moving across town to another county. We just can’t live in a county with the biggest welfare queens of all time.  We won’t mention any names…ahem…Atlanta Braves!

Now, almost all of my watches are boxed up.  But, I still have a few out.  A couple for work and a couple for the move.  This pre-scratched vintage Timex Easy Reader was an obvious choice for banging around and moving boxes.  I put a very comfortable velcro strap on it and it rocks.

This blog might be a little intermittent for the next few weeks, but I’ll try to post when I have the chance!


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